I will show you how it is done with my 24 yrs of experience.  I served in the US Navy  went onto becoming a law enforcement officer and now I am a process server and licensed private investigator owning my own business.  My step by step mentoring program is created to make you succeed in the process service industry. Each paper you process pays you money. Served or Not. Also did you know that clients pay anywhere from $150 to $500 and even more for a full Background Check. Let me show you how it is done.


Mario Torres

American Legal Process Serving Co. - Richland, WA  

> Unlimited Personal Mentoring for one full year.

> Process Server Step-by-Step How To Guide.

> Learn how to conduct Skip traces, Cell Phone Traces and locate anyone in the US fast & easy.

> Learn how to conduct Full Background Checks & Asset Checks on Businesses and People


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> Pre-made forms  included

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Did you know that process servers are used every single day.  You serve/deliver documents/packets to businesses and individuals at $65 - $175 each packet.  Work only 4 hrs a day, 5 days a week and serve 3 documents/packets an hour and earn $202,800 a yr.  All witnesses in  criminal cases, civil cases, divorce cases, evictions, personal injury cases need to be served just to name a few. The list goes on and on. I will provide you with a list.  All process servers have one thing in common.  We like making money and we like to make it fast!  Time is money in the Process Service Industry. $$$  Critical Skills Process Server Training & Mentoring Program has a special limited time offer. The entire Process Server Training, Back Ground Check Training & Mentoring Program with one full year of step - by- step mentoring for a one time fee of $99.95.  I am looking for motivated people who want to succeed and grow there business.  If this sounds like you than I invite you to join the process service industry. It's time to make that change in your life to better you and your family.  The E-course will be emailed to you. So you will have fast access to the information.  Don't wait as this offer will be pulled with out notice.   Act Now!  

Information on how to conduct Surveillance.

> Information on how to find and keep clients

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